Vacuum Bearing Application



The new development in the Riber production machines range has led them to the creation of a linear arrangement for picking wafers supports, and loading inside the vaccum chamber. This system is built on the combination of a linear guiding system fitted at the end of a rotating arm.


海普克(HEPCOMOTION) already offers standard components able to be used in vaccum conditions, up to 10-6 mbar. The 海普克(HEPCO) V bearings technology offer a very great smooth mouvement, with an excelent level of accuracy.

In collababoration with Riber, 海普克(HEPCOMOTION) manufactured special batch of bearings, without grease, allowing to be used in highest vaccum conditions (10-9 mbar).

Scope of Supply

Riber now regularly use special bearings based on VAC SS SJ 34 C/E, combined with stainless steel non-spacer slides SS M 44, with stainless steel rack fitted on.

Riber Image (17-07-14)


The simple principle of 海普克(HEPCOMOTION) V bearings, that paradoxically take place in a technical complex machine, and gives great satisfaction. This is a full mechanical function that is now delegated by Riber to 海普克(HEPCOMOTION). In the past, they themselves manufactured their own DIY transfer system, more rustic, before discovering 海普克(HEPCOMOTION) solutions.

One of the associated process constraints is the tend of metal surface in contact to „stick“ together, but due to eccentric adjustment on journals, it is possible to properly set the preload to limit this phenomena.

Today, others developments are underways within the Riber design offfice, involving other 海普克(HEPCO) products such as our rings PRT2.



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