Modernise your Process Lines

with HepcoMotion's Driven Track Systems

At the heart of your production cell

Move products from station to station in a precise, repeatable and controlled manner.

Work is guided dynamically around closed route cells, controlling the path of components throughout the production process.

Why Driven Track Systems?

Reduce the Footprint of your machines

DTS systems rationalise linear processes into one continuous closed loop.

The open centre enables equipment to be placed inside and outside of the track system.

Higher Throughput from your Production

Driven by high-strength steel reinforced timing belts or scroll drives.

High speeds, and accelerations provide greater productivity from your machines.


A locking option aligns carriages to within a +/- 0.05 mm repeatable position around the circuit.

Products are then rigidly held in position during processing, enabling consistent quality of throughput.


Hepco’s high strength, hardwearing V-Guide technology, providing smooth and low-friction linear motion.

Ridgely held carriages resist deflection from external forces, guiding components through the production process.


DTS systems are built according to your exact requirements.

Oval, square and rectangular shapes can be designed as standard, and systems work in any orientation.


Hepco’s V guide system is well suited to harsh environments thanks to its unique wiping action that expels debris.

Dirt is expelled from the bearing during motion, wiping the V guide clean and creating an ideal solution for contaminated environments.


Automated lubrication is pumped directly to the contact surfaces of the track system.

This enables extended periods of operation without the need to stop for re-lubrication, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

DTS – 皮带驱动轨道系统


  • Available in two track sizes (25mm and 44mm)
  • Can operate in a horizontal or vertical position, offering design flexibility
  • Can be integrated into a pre-existing system
  • A keyed input shaft allows for fitting of motor options or alternative drive solutions
  • See the full benefits of DTS systems here

DTS+ – 高性能的驱动式轨道系统


  • Easily incorporated into a multi-function machine as a transfer or positioning system
  • Wide choice of system sizes with unlimited length
  • Available in an oval or rectangular shape
  • Corrosion resistant version available
  • See the full benefits of DTS systems here

DTS2 – 高速度驱动式轨道系统


  • Available in 2 rail sizes (25 and 44mm)
  • Flexibility with carriage length, number and positioning of carriages, subject to minimum technical requirements
  • Flexible drive positioning
  • Available in stainless steel, with all track, bearing, springs and fasteners in stainless steel
  • See the full benefits of DTS systems here

DTS – Conveyor System

DTS conveyor systems offer high-load capabilities to unique applications.

  • High-load precision conveyors
  • Compensation for misalignment of parallelism
  • Reduces installation time & improves running quality
  • Flexible drive positioning
  • See the full benefits of DTS systems here


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