BBC Tardis屏幕

Being involved in prestigious film projects is something HepcoMotion is getting used to as designers seek out simple motion solutions to potentially difficult film situations.

However, moving screens for the world famous BBC Science fiction TV show Doctor Who was actually one of the easier projects. The TARDIS’s viewing screens needed to be moved around the circular pole in the centre and needed compact circular motion.


GV3 flat slides can be rolled to produce a curvature to suit the central column, in turn they are then drilled and fitted to the firm base. Using rolled GV3, the customer was able to place 3 TV screens inside the TARDIS for the actors to use as moving props.

Scope of supply

M44 flat slides L1200 rolled to suit curvature plus SJ34C and E bearings.


A successful moveable prop facility for 3 TV screens to move and adjust as needed on set.

When the filming begins, the actors are able to rely on the screens moving as needed with minimal interference onscreen.

The product is reliable enough to last for many years as the set is used continuously over long periods of time. Various users can access the moving screens and the GV3 product requires no maintenance.


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